Join Red Horse Motoring Club


Welcome to the club!

Please see below for membership information and use the forms at the bottom of the page to apply.

All memberships include all access to club facility and services and free draft beer year round! 

Contact one of the following for additional information or to become a member: 

Chuck Harders, Cell: 904-424-7210

Steve Everett, Cell: 610-416-1723  

Social Membership

$100 per month

Corporate Membership

From $200 to $600 per month based on business needs 

Car Storage

$400 per month

Motorcycle Storage

$250 per month

Membership Forms

 Use these forms to join Red Horse Motoring Club. Please fill out PDFs and mail to 

RHMC Membership Application (pdf)


RHMC Rental Agreement (pdf)


RHMC Credit Card Authorization (pdf)